Risk Tolerance Calculator

To begin, it's crucial to assess your risk tolerance when it comes to investing. We can assist you in this process by providing a risk quiz. By taking our quiz, you'll gain valuable insights that will aid you in determining the optimal allocation of your funds. 


Please take a moment to answer the following questions, as they will assist us in constructing a portfolio that aligns with your investment experience and risk category.


It's important to note that there are no right or wrong answers to these questions. Please respond truthfully, as the purpose is to understand your experience and psychological preferences. By considering these factors, we can suggest an allocation that best suits your needs.


Take your time to answer the questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. We appreciate your patience in completing this assessment.

Question 1

What is your current age?

Question 2

What percent of your retirement income do you expect your 401k and Profit Sharing plans to provide each month?

Question 3

Choose the response that best describes your past investment experience.

Question 4

Choose the response that best describes your situation.

Question 5

In how many years do you reasonably expect to retire?

Question 6

Most investments in plans fluctuate in value very widely. This is particularly true of aggressive growth Stock Funds and Long Term Bonds. Select the response that best describes your thoughts on that.

Question 7

Based on your current knowledge of investing, and if you had extra money to invest, which of the following would you be most likely to do with that money?

Question 8

Choose the description that best fits your situation.